Amulet Original Tibetan Yin Yang BA GUA Balance Powers Magic Doublesided Pendant Necklace 449907

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Amulet Original Tibetan Yin Yang BA GUA Balance Powers Magic Doublesided Pendant Necklace 449907

Product Description:

Handcrafted Directly in Nepal by Tibetan Artists. Each Piece is Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Original Tibetan Amulet.Size: 30mm X 30mm ( 1 1/4 Inch). The Same Engraving on Both Sides of the Amulet.Made from White Natural Buffalo Bone. Hand Carved Yin Yang BA GUA Symbol makes the Amulet Unique and no two pieces are ever alike.Comes with Adjustable Cord and makes it Ready to wear: Shortest 15 inches, Longest 24 inches. Holds Natural Wooden Bead.

Comes with Gift kind Organza Pouch.

This Yin Yang BA GUA Charm is Absolutely Unique, One of the Kind and Special. It is Handcrafted Directly in Tibet with Love and Care making your Amulet Individual, Magic and Precious.

This Amulet has Hand Made Engraving of YIN YANG BA GUA Balance Symbol on Both sides of Natural Bone making it Doublesided charm. Amulet Comes with Adjustable Cord.

Amulet Meaning:

Amulet creates Strong Powers of Nature around the wearier. Yin Yang Symbolizes YOU and each of the Eight Trigrams supports you and represent: Earth, Thunder, Fire, Lake, Mountain, Water, Wind and the King. Ba Gua are also symbols of wealth, fortune and prosperity in your home, and place of work. YIN YANG - BALANCE. Symbol Yin-Yang represents the old ancient understanding of how things work. Yin and Yang are usually held in balance - One cannot exist without the other. For example, day cannot exist without night. The shape of the Yin and Yang sections of the symbol, actually gives you a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, Yin to Yang and Yang to Yin, causing everything to happen. The principle of Yin and Yang is the foundation of the entire universe. It underlies everything in creation. It brings about the development of parenthood; it is the root and source of life. Those who seek wisdom beyond the natural limits will retain good hearing and clear vision. Their bodies will remain light and strong. Ying Yang is a STRONG Symbol to Balance LUCK and Fortune for its Owner, Attracting Positive Energies from the Universe.

Stay Absolutely Unique with your Own Original Yin Yang BA GUA Tibetan Amulet.